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Doodle Dizzy Save Our Planet (Completed)

Nov. 13, 11.30 PM to 12:30 PM


Time: 11.30 PM to 12:30 PM Date: November 13 Venue: D3 Dubai Design District This is a super fun class, created by Jojo to encourage using doodles as a way of relaxation and to spark imagination, it helps to liberate kids and grow their artistic confidence. Doodling is an important skill to have and super fun to let your imagination go wild. The Doodle Class theme will be all around "Saving the Planet" with continuous flow of words and images until there is no space left on the piece of paper. The kids will take home a fully doodled piece of paper, which will be a reminder of how much fun doodling can be and how we need to do more to look after our Planet! Materials: Pens, Paper

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