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About Jojo

"I believe an artist is in the soul of everyone. My mission is to give each child and adult the tools and confidence to bring that full creative potential out."

- Jojo, Founder of Jojos Art House 

About Jojo

Jojo is an artist and happiness guru with a passion for combining art and mindfulness. With a belief everyone is creative, Jojo enables children and adults to find their artistic confidence through her bespoke workshops, pop-up events and private classes both in the UAE and UK, as well as globally through Zoom Art. 


Jojo also offers Party Planning, Art Commissions and bespoke Colouring Sheets suitable for all ages, including Corporate purposes. 


JoJo likes to celebrate individuality for all ages. In particular with kids, Jojo understands that each child is unique and responds better to love, kindness and empathy. No artwork is the same and each has its own merits and interpretation. Art speaks its own language where words are often unable to explain. It is the children themselves who visualize and create their own masterpieces with the gentle guidance and helping hand of JoJo. The reaction of each child will differ, but often the amazement and delight of creating their own unique works are wonderfully rewarding for all. Children often use their own artworks, including pencil cases, sneakers and skateboards as well as proud parents framing their works which hang in their bedrooms and around their homes. 


Jojos Background

Following her Manchester University Art degree, Jojo built a career in marketing and events; in London and Dubai. After founding London's Festival of Happiness, designed to empower and educate the creative industry on mental health and wellbeing, she then realised the power of combining mindfulness with art. Jojos Art House was born and Jojo has never looked back.



Jojos Colour Trail started with colourful paintbrushes through doors across London with a tag saying "colour create and paint with me" and then progressed to a balloon activation, where Jojo handed out colourful balloons with hidden paintbrushes and stickers. This took part in Central London one Saturday to promote the importance of creativity and colour and to promote mindfulness colouring. This is not the end..more colour trails to come! 

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