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Online Art Classes 

I’m always in the kitchen preparing dinner during my daughters’ Monday online art class that they do along with their neighbours— listening-in to all their happy banter and giggles as they draw never fails to make my day! JoJo is just wonderful at teaching and bringing joy. I love the proud look on both my daughters’ faces after each class— they learn about new artists and techniques, yet add their own creative touches and personality to their creations... these art classes are a mood-lifter for our entire family!


At home with Jojos Art House


I reached out to Jo to work with my daughters, who both loved art and being creative. I've seen my 6 year old develop so much in this area. She loves Jo, who is incredibly patient and allows her to bring her own ideas to the table. My older daughter is interested in design but doesn't take art at school because kids are unable to express themselves freely. Working with Jo has given her more confidence. Highly recommend JoJos Art House for creative minds.




Boys Art Club

"My 10 year old son and his best buddies have been taking art classes from Jojo every Thursday and I must say these BOYS CLUB art sessions turned out to be the BEST PART OF THEIR WEEK! Every week they are looking forward to the session. As a boy's mum, I am so so happy to see my son this excited about an activity which is not sports. Jojo's creative art sessions are also good for the soul, a powerful mindfulness activity in itself. I cannot recommend her enough, Jojo has been an AMAZING Art teacher, a super cool & colorful friend for our boys! She gets what they like and manages to get them super engaged in every session. They have done Pokemon Cards, Halloween Masks, Picasso pieces, Trainer designs, Spray Paint Sessions....BEST ART PLAYDATES ever!"


Private Art Classes

When I first talked to Jojo, she said she promotes creative confidence and helps kids express themselves to discover their style. Every week, we noticed Kinan’s drive and desire to express himself increase. His confidence grew as everyone admired his masterpieces. With Jojo's guidance and motivation, Kinan is discovering his style, becoming more creative and confident. The fact that he remains focused and engaged the entire session is extraordinary! Jojo’s passion for art is contagious! The weekly classes became important for the whole family as we witness Kinan’s creativity and imagination come to life.



Jojo's Art House Corporate


Working with Jojo started as a basic chat over a coffee, but due to Jojo's constant creative mindset developed info a unique creative way of capturing children’s attention to our product, leaving our brand in their minds.


The pleasure in working with exceed the best, as she remember to listen to clients' needs.


Thanks to Jojo’s Arthouse


Hungry Dane

Private Class

Jojo is super engaging and fun with children of all ages. She devises activities to appeal to the individual child and really captured my girls’ imaginations, resulting in a piece of artwork that they were really proud of.



Birthday Party

Jojo was great at my daughter’s birthday, she organized themed art&crafts activities for a group of 15 kids, not easy! Kids were so engaged with her and they created beautiful memories to take home. Besides it was a pleasure to organize the birthday with Jojo, she is extremely professional and thoughtful. Fully recommend!



Beach Workshop

Art workshop with Jojo was a mindful child driven creative art class. Taking inspiration with the world around you, the kids were guided wonderfully by Jojo to make their own art on the canvas. It is so important to drive the kids own creativeness instead of telling them what to draw. That's exactly how the workshop including canvas, shells, or making their own crafty Jelly fish. Collaborative effort by using a variety of mix-media.  It was a calm beautiful sunset evening  by the ocean with yummy food and fun for kids and for parents too.  We look forward to create many more with Jojo.



Emirates Literature Festival Workshop Collaboration with Children’s Author Stephanie Robert

My daughters really enjoyed the art workshop combined with storytime at Emirates Literature Festival. The event was really well organised, particularly in the depths of COVID. They were thrilled with the elephant painting and goody bag they came home with. They were fully engaged throughout by both Stephanie and Jojo



My boy is very energetic and always moves everywhere except when he draws so when I heard of Jojos Art House, I had to have him try! He loved every minute of it, Jojo tailor made his artwork to his favourite characters! It was 1h30 and he didn’t complain once, he was so into it and the result is mind-blowing! So so proud of him, thank you Jojo we will do this again!



Private Family Workshops


We adore Jo Jo’s Art House. My daughter aged 7 absolutely loves the classes. Hattie’s drawing ability has developed and she has become a brilliant artist. Jo Jo has helped to build Hattie’s self esteem and confidence and she has taugh her the skills to try new techniques . It’s amazing to she how much she has grown and the work she has produced. She proudly displays her work in her room. I like the way Jo Jo encourages the children to express themselves. Highly recommended.



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