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Artistic Expression    Colour     Imagination    Art Education    aRTISTIC CONFIDENCE    magic    innovatioN   Creative freedom          

FUN   TECHNIQUE   WellbeinG   MINDFULNESS   the unexpected   HAPPINESS   Celebrating individuality   Being You


Welcome to Jojos Art House!

You have just taken the first exciting step into a world of creative enlightenment and happiness through art. 


Jojos Art House is all about creating a safe space where creativity comes out to play and where you can find your own unique style. We believe in promoting self-expression, self-confidence, and mindfulness through art for kids and adults. 

No one Jojos Art House Workshop is the same; they are all tailor-made and unique. With over 100 artist expression sessions scripted, it is hard to get bored!


We are passionate about art and the power of colour and how they work hand-in-hand to bring happiness and self-confidence through creativity.

Our journey together:  

Learn - Connect - Expression - Magic Moments - Confidence  - Happiness - Self-Confidence

What Jojos Art House Offers

"I believe in the power of colour and creativity and that everyone has the ability to be creative."
- Jojo, Founder of Jojos Art House 


At home with Jojos Art House 

I reached out to Jo to work with my daughters, who both loved art and being creative. I've seen my 6 year old develop so much in this area. She loves Jo, who is incredibly patient and allows her to bring her own ideas to the table. My older daughter is interested in design but doesn't take art at school because kids are unable to express themselves freely. Working with Jo has given her more confidence. Highly recommend JoJos Art House for creative minds.



Online Art Classes 

I’m always in the kitchen preparing dinner during my daughters’ Monday online art class that they do along with their neighbours— listening-in to all their happy banter and giggles as they draw never fails to make my day! Jojo is just wonderful at teaching and bringing joy. I love the proud look on both my daughters’ faces after each class— they learn about new artists and techniques, yet add their own creative touches and personality to their creations... these art classes are a mood-lifter for our entire family!


Gift Vouchers

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